Six different capacities are available at Ussan ice machine produces as Flake type ice.  Our ice machineries are manufactured in a range from 1 ton  to 7.5 tons of ice production capacity per day.    These capacities are for ice production from fresh mains water. As for the Ussan sea water ice machines, they are manufactured in a range from 1 ton to 8 tons of sea water ice production capacity per day.        

The ice machine works with horizontal evaporator; and its materials  which  contact water ; mainly the drum evaporator are made of stainless inox. Refrigerant gas inlet and outlet systems were provided by perfect sealing system from the same single side.   Even if only by this side, a perfect design was applied in Ussan ice machine manufacturing. The fact that the ice machine is complete stainless, and entire water tank is detachable and cleanable within 3 minutes without requiring any tool, puts Ussan brand ice machine into fully hygiene class. 


Ussan flake type ice machine is used very often at fishery sector; at fishing vessels in order to make ice from sea water, at supermarkets for fish sale on ice in fish aisles; and at hatcheries. Furthermore, the flake ice produced by the ice machine is mixed with dough at bakery products and bakery ovens. Ussan flake ice machine is used at chicken and turkey slaughterhouses for washing with icy water and for shocking.        


Flake shaped ice produced by flake ice machine can be stored as seen in the figures  below. It can be stored in cold chamber or in bucket.  The ice machine is also erected in as split type, near to the fish aisle or on the fish cold chamber at super markets or hypermarkets. The ice machine also erected in dough house at bakery products or bakery ovens. Perpetual ice stream in the buckets in front of it is created. The ice should be put into the dough being weighed  beforehand.




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