The ice machine also should be hygiene class in order to maintain hygienic ice production from the flake type ice machine

Ussan has developed and made available the hygiene class material and hygiene design in the flake ice machinery synchrocial with the most advanced models in the world.


What is Hygiene Ice Machine or Hygienic Ice Machine? There are three main elements that put Ice Machine in the hygiene class:  Particularly the evaporator of the ice machine that produces ice, main water caldron, evaporator support side faces, ice breaker ice cutter, metal ice bus is attached, and also everywhere where the water circulates must be made of aisi 304 inox stainless material.       Design of the ice machine requires that the evaporator where the ice is produced must be open and completely apparent.  In this case, the ice must be produced at the outer surface of the evaporator but not at the inner surface. The ice machinery with aslope horizontal evaporator are suitable with  this specification.  The ice machinery with vertical type evaporator are not included in hygiene class because  they are fully closed hermetic.  As for the last main element, the water caldron of ice evaporator is inox; and attached to the evaporator by the turnbuckle system. That is, the water caldron must be be detachable, cleanable and reassemblable by hand without using any tool within 1 minute.


As for  some of other specifications for Hygienic Ice Machine are stated as asterisk in below.  Ussan Ice Machine presents hygiene class ice machine into your use as a star trademark.



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