Ussan ice tumbler machine is a full automatic ice machine producing ice tumbler. It takes the water in itself. It creates tumblers which are made of ice; and takes them out automatically. It can run continuously 24 hours in a day. Essentially, it has 2 different capacities. The first model can produce 75 ice tumblers per day; as for the other one, it produces 150 of ice tumblers per day.   Ice Tumbler Ice Machine has completely inox plate and chassis design; and is a mono block single casing machine. Usage areas of Ice Tumbler Ice Machine: Bars, hotels and restaurants. The ice tumbler is disposable; and passes into melting and transforms into water.    No environmental pollution. The ice tumblers from ice tumbler machine should be put into nylon bags and dispatched into deep-freezer immediately.    Ice tumblers are in appearance of transparent crystal ice.   They are not lusterless white.

Ice Tumbler Ice Machine capacity table:


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